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Namaste and Welcome to India! This is “Sonia Handa” -Passionate, Vibrant, Fulfilling her Life-Mission.

She is a truly passionate and high energy Indian who lives in New Delhi, India and embodies and lives her life’s work. Sonia has a very clear life mission and that is to transform many a lives!

She was born in New Delhi, aspired to become a Traveler, and a Fashion Designer. However, life took a U-turn for her, and she trained as a teacher acquiring a Master’s degree and a B.Ed. Degree in English Literature. She thereafter worked as a Travel Planner in a reputed Travel Company in Delhi developing an expansive knowledge in the Traveling field. 

Sonia has overcome her share of personal challenges.

Born in a Middle-class family in New Delhi, India. Sonia is one of the two  daughters of her parents. While Sonia is settled in New Delhi, India; her younger sister, Julie Philips is settled in London, UK.

From the time she remembers her childhood, when it came to summer vacations, her mom always took her younger sister to travelling. Sonia was always left home because her mom could not afford travelling expenses with 2 kids. And Sonia always stayed back with her dad.

So, in her neighborhood, there was an aunt whom she often visited. Her aunt gave her different Travel magazines, which Sonia read, and wondered if she could go, travel those places. And it was like as a wish, or a dream that she wanted to come true.

Years passed by, and she developed a few more interests and talents. Sonia was always immersed in the world of books. When she told her parents, that she wanted to pursue in Fashion, or Travel; she was straightaway told to do MA, and B.Ed. in teaching instead. She went on to finish her Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and finally completed in B.Ed.

Meanwhile, she got married and when the time came to apply for a teaching job, she applied for a job in a Travel Company instead. This is where she developed an expansive knowledge in the Traveling field.

She began to save up her earnings, made travel plans for her own holidays. She traveled many a places with her husband. She was so happy that she could finally see her childhood dream come true. 

Later on, she realized that she could make travelers like her have even a better travelling experience, what if she could give one of the best drivers, best cars, highly experienced guides, good hotels, and very well personalized tours for my clients, and what if she could interact with my clients 24*7 while they are on the tour. With all the thoughts in her mind, she set up her new venture “Joyful Holidays”

She started her journey alone, but sooner highly experienced professionals alike joined her on her dream journey. And today, “Sonia Handa” is not a name, but a team of Travel Professionals. And each review on her company is a great motivation to her and my team.

Since, she has come up from those days, where education for girls was difficult; today 20% of her profits goes towards WOMEN AND CHILD EMPOWERMENT. Because she have seen the difficult times, and today she is putting her best efforts to help lift other women, and children. And she believe this makes her a better “Woman Entrepreneur”.  When in her presence you cannot help to be magnetised by her energy to empower others to their greatness.

Me and My Guest, Ms Natalia Fedner -a well-known American Fashion Designer and Actress at Hotel Aloft, Aerocity.

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